Simply e-mail to request storeman services for accurate and quick response.

Storeman Services

Professionally trained storeman are able to assist customers with; storing, packing and shipping, loading and unloading of goods, removalist and transport, moving furniture in the office, local goods deliveries, assistance with archiving cataloguing and labelling, destruction services, space evaluations, stock takes, inventory management, low stock notification, and delivery of surplus or obsolete goods to auction. Like a handyman in the warehouse, the storeman on site are able to help with advice or services.

Office Services

Photocopying, faxing, internet access, meeting room and message centre at CBD our onsite facilities are available to assist you in getting on with your business.

Merchandise Sales

The Store has a complete range of storage and packaging products so you can safely transport and store your important items.

Customer Courier Management

Delivery arrival notification, booking courier on behalf of customer, postal services, mail outs (unaddressed delivery service), courier quotes, courier service (Pack & Send).

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