Business Storage

Business Storage

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  • Serviced Storage

More than just Storage

Is your business outgrowing your space? Are you up to your neck in documents or constantly brushing past excess office furniture or printed material? Business Storage is the solution for you, whether you are a large company, small company, home office or independent trader you can store your samples, promotional materials, products or documents in one of our Self Storage units and we can even manage the items for you.

Self Storage Units provide a budget solution for storing your items. Manage your own materials with unlimited access by walking in or driving right up to your Storage unit. With lighting, a complete range of shelving options and custom fixtures, your unit becomes your own warehouse in the city.

Managed Storage incorporates modern management systems for your active business items. We can accurately track your items, collect, receive and deliver them when and where you want them. Managed storage reduces the fuss and bother in handling your items when you haven’t the time, resources or space to manage them.

Serviced Storage is the ultimate business storage and service solution. Providing pick and pack, courier dispatch and inventory management services, your promotional materials, samples and business products are in safe hands.

Document Storage Management is your document archiving solution; it is ideal for meeting the legal and insurance requirements of keeping your growing records and backups offsite, whilst clearing your office and providing a collection and retrieval service at email request. Charged per box this solution provides complete flexibility without the need to access or manage a storage unit, at CBD Storage Sydney you will only pay for the archived boxes stored.

Data Storage

Eighty percent of all data loss involves either human error or machine failure! Actions to insure your business against this possibility will determine how your business fares in the twenty-first century! Offsite Data Storage is an important part of your disaster recovery plan and can reduce your business insurance premiums.

Budget Protection for the business that simply needs secure off site storage, CBD offers self storage data lockers to assist in satisfying insurance requirements, accessible during business hours.

Small Business Protection Plans are simple mail-in data management protection plans for small businesses using writeable DVDs or CDs for their back-ups. Fifty-two week plan including half hour training in CBD protocols. Includes all release documents, mailing envelopes and security seals.

Software License Protection. Of all the things that could go wrong, the loss of your original software disks and license could be the most time consuming. We can keep all of the valuable original software material off site and under lock and key.

Data Protection Management Services for small, medium or large businesses who back-up on to DAT tapes, this services includes protocol management, pick up and delivery of tapes and secure storage. Prices will depend on the size and needs of the business. The final package and procedures will be tailored to your specific needs.

Data Archiving - CBD Storage Sydney offers a complete archiving facility for all of your data records. They are maintained in a secure, dry, temperature controlled environment to insure the material against any degrading.

Other Benefits of CBD Storage Sydney include:

  • Alarmed storage unit with CCTV and onsite security
  • 24 hour access
  • 30 Minute Free Parking
  • CBD Storage Sydney Storeman & Van services
  • 10% discount when you sign a 12 month lease
  • Discounts with a variety of Removalist and Van Hire companies